Alanbari is an artist, curator and architect based in London. Her work varies from the direction of cultural events to the creation of paintings, photography and architectural work. Art and design in all their forms and scales are inter-related sources of interest.

With strong influences from both Iraq and France, her language of choice is universal imagery often based on metaphor. Through fiction and visual stories, she comments on contemporary issues relative to gender, current geopolitical affairs and how portraiture can reflect what the psyche is about. The human body, newspaper excerpts and images of nature are key to her work in their power to exercise a universal affiliation with the general public regardless of cultural barriers.

Alanbari holds degrees from Chelsea College of Art, The London School of Economics and the Ecole Speciale d’Architecture Paris. She has designed a curriculum called “Self Development Through Art” which she teaches at The Saatchi Gallery.

Alanbari has exhibited and directed shows at several cultural institutions of international renown, including the Saatchi Gallery, Christie’s Auction House and The Royal College of Art in London.

Below:read the interview with the RUYA Foundation, 2015